IV Cannula with perforated flexible wings, with injection port with snap fit cap

Siliconized needle, siliconised catheter аvailable in FEP or PTFE material, injection port with snap fit cap, flashback chamber, flexible wings, transparent needle cover.

Product description

  • Siliconized, Ultra sharp, Stainless Steel, back-cut needle to perform easy and painless venipuncture.
  • Familiar ported design with "snap-cap" aim to add non-touch technique which helps prevent port being inadvertently left open.
  • Catheter аvailable in FEP or PTFE material. Siliconised with proprietary technology ensuring smooth surface and minimal discomfort for both patient and clinician.
  • Through the injection port it is possible to make injections at the same time as on-going fluid therapy.
  • Large flashback Chamber allows quick visualization for successful venipuncture.
  • Perforated wings provide ventilation & prevent skin maceration.
  • Instant confirmation of blood flow along catheter body increases clinician’s ability to successfully access the vein.
  • Sterile, single use.

Order information

SizeColor codeCatheter O.D.mmCatheter Length mmFlow Rate (ml/mnt)Box Qty (inner/outer)