Safety IV Cannula with wings, with injection port

Siliconized needle, siliconised catheter аvailable in FEP or PTFE material, safety guard, injection port, flashback chamber, transparent needle cover.

Product description

  • Needle safety guard automatically covers the bevel after withdrawal of needle from the hub, minimizing the risk of needle stick injuries.
  • Siliconized, Ultra sharp, Stainless Steel, back-cut needle to perform easy and painless venipuncture.
  • Catheter аvailable in FEP or PTFE material. Siliconised with proprietary technology ensuring smooth surface and minimal discomfort for both patient and clinician.
  • Through the injection port it is possible to make injections at the same time as on-going fluid therapy.
  • Large flashback Chamber allows quick visualization for successful venipuncture.
  • Instant confirmation of blood flow along catheter body increases clinician’s ability to successfully access the vein.
  • The flexible wings provides easy gripping and follows the contours of site allowing more secure fixation.
  • Transparent needle cover to prevent accidental damage to needle and catheter.
  • Sterile, single use.

Order information

SizeColor codeCatheter O.D.mmCatheter Length mmFlow Rate (ml/mnt)Box Qty (inner/outer)